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Leadership Style Test

Overview of Leadership Style Test

The leadership style test offers a concise evaluation of a candidate's leadership potential, identifying key attributes like decision-making, motivation, and adaptability.

Skills measured

  • Transformational-Inspiration and Vision
  • Transformational-Intellectual Stimulation
  • Transformational-Individualized Consideration
  • Transformational-Idealized Influence
  • Transactional-Contingent Reward
  • Transactional-Management by Exception (Active)
  • Transactional-Management by Exception (Passive)
  • Transactional-Noninterference
  • Democratic-Participative Decision Making
  • Democratic-Collaborative Communication
  • Democratic-Empowerment and Trust
  • Democratic-Consensus-Building
  • Autocratic-Directive Control
  • Autocratic-Clear Expectations
  • Autocratic-Limited Empowerment
  • Autocratic-Immediate Decision-Making
  • Servant-Empathy and Listening
  • Servant-Stewardship
  • Servant-Community Building
  • Servant-Humility
  • Laissez Faire-Autonomy and Independence
  • Laissez Faire-Resource Provision
  • Laissez Faire-Trust and Minimal Supervision
  • Laissez Faire-Flexibility

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Use of Leadership Style test

The Leadership Style Test is an assessment designed to uncover the intrinsic leadership qualities of prospective and current employees. In today's rapidly evolving workplace, the importance of leadership cannot be overstated. This test is crucial for organizations looking to bolster their teams with individuals who not only have the skills to excel in their roles but also possess the leadership capabilities to inspire, innovate, and drive collective success.

By participating in this assessment, candidates are evaluated across a spectrum of leadership styles, from Transformational to Servant, Democratic to Autocratic, and beyond. The test meticulously measures key leadership attributes such as decision-making prowess, ability to motivate and guide teams, adaptability, and how one fosters innovation and handles challenges. These attributes are critical for any role that demands leading projects, teams, or initiatives, making the test essential during the hiring process.

Utilizing a sophisticated blend of situational judgment questions and self-assessment statements, the test offers insights into how a candidate leads in diverse scenarios, their predominant leadership style, and their potential for growth. It's a strategic asset for identifying candidates who not only align with the organizational culture and values but also have the potential to evolve into visionary leaders.

Incorporating the Leadership Style Test into the hiring process ensures a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's leadership capabilities, aiding in making informed recruitment decisions. It's an investment in the future leaders of your organization, paving the way for a more dynamic, resilient, and innovative leadership landscape

Relevant for

  • Marketing Director
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Sales Manager
  • Financial controller
  • Operations Manager
  • Engineering Managers
  • Human Resources Director
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Healthcare Administrators

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Transformational-Inspiration and Vision

Articulates a clear and compelling vision, motivates others towards shared goals.


Transformational-Intellectual Stimulation

Encourages creative thinking, challenges the status quo, fosters an environment of innovation.


Transformational-Individualized Consideration

Provides tailored coaching and development, shows genuine concern for followers' needs and aspirations.


Transformational-Idealized Influence

Demonstrates ethical conduct, leads by example, builds trust through integrity.


Transactional-Contingent Reward

Offers rewards for performance, recognizes achievements, provides constructive feedback.


Transactional-Management by Exception (Active)

Monitors and addresses deviations from standards, takes corrective actions proactively.


Transactional-Management by Exception (Passive)

Intervenes only when problems arise, less proactive in monitoring.



Shows minimal involvement in decision-making, provides freedom in how goals are achieved.


Democratic-Participative Decision Making

Involves others in decision processes, values and integrates team input.


Democratic-Collaborative Communication

Encourages open dialogue, fosters a culture of openness and transparency.


Democratic-Empowerment and Trust

Delegates authority, shows confidence in team members' abilities.



Seeks and builds consensus, ensures decisions are agreed upon by most.


Autocratic-Directive Control

Directs operations and decisions, maintains strict control over the team.


Autocratic-Clear Expectations

Sets explicit guidelines and expectations, provides detailed instructions.


Autocratic-Limited Empowerment

Offers little to no autonomy, centralizes decision-making.


Autocratic-Immediate Decision-Making

Makes quick decisions, often without team input or consultation.


Servant-Empathy and Listening

Shows empathy, actively listens to concerns, prioritizes understanding followers.



Takes responsibility for the team's welfare, promotes a sense of service.


Servant-Community Building

Builds a strong sense of community and belonging, fosters supportive relationships.



Puts others' needs first, demonstrates modesty and a willingness to serve.


Laissez Faire-Autonomy and Independence

Grants complete freedom in operations, encourages independent problem-solving.


Laissez Faire-Resource Provision

Supplies necessary resources, supports from the sidelines without direct intervention.


Laissez Faire-Trust and Minimal Supervision

Displays trust in the team's capabilities, minimizes oversight and control.


Laissez Faire-Flexibility

Allows flexibility in approaches, open to different methods of task accomplishment.

The Leadership Style test is created by a subject-matter expert

Testlify’s skill tests are designed by experienced SMEs (subject matter experts). We evaluate these experts based on specific metrics such as expertise, capability, and their market reputation. Prior to being published, each skill test is peer-reviewed by other experts and then calibrated based on insights derived from a significant number of test-takers who are well-versed in that skill area. Our inherent feedback systems and built-in algorithms enable our SMEs to refine our tests continually.

subject matter expert

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Top five hard skills interview questions for Leadership Style

Here are the top five hard-skill interview questions tailored specifically for Leadership Style. These questions are designed to assess candidates’ expertise and suitability for the role, along with skill assessments.

hard skills

Why this Matters?

It reveals the candidate's ability to manage change, a critical skill in today's fast-paced business environment. It also highlights their leadership style in navigating challenges and uncertainties.

What to listen for?

Look for examples of clear communication, decision-making, and how they inspired or motivated their team. Effective leaders will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of change on people and processes and show how they supported their team through it.

Why this Matters?

Goal setting and tracking are fundamental to achieving business objectives. This question assesses the candidate's ability to plan, organize, and motivate their team towards achieving specific outcomes.

What to listen for?

Expect to hear about specific, measurable goals and a systematic approach to monitoring progress. Strong candidates will mention how they involve their team in the goal-setting process and how they adjust strategies based on performance data.

Why this Matters?

Conflict management is crucial for maintaining a healthy, productive work environment. This question helps understand the candidate's interpersonal skills and their approach to resolving disagreements.

What to listen for?

A successful response will detail the situation, the actions taken to resolve the conflict, and the outcome. Pay attention to the emphasis on communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills.

Why this Matters?

It tests the candidate's ability to identify and address motivation issues, which is key to maintaining high team performance.

What to listen for?

Look for strategies that go beyond generic motivational tactics. Effective leaders will share insights into how they tailor their approach to meet the individual needs of team members, demonstrating empathy, understanding, and adaptability.

Why this Matters?

It’s important for leadership styles to complement the organization's culture and objectives. This question assesses the candidate's alignment with the company’s vision and how they integrate this into their leadership practice.

What to listen for?

Answers should include examples of proactive alignment strategies, such as ongoing communication with higher management, continuous learning and adaptation, and the promotion of core values within their team.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Leadership Style Test

A Leadership Style Test is a specialized assessment tool designed to identify and evaluate the predominant leadership approach of an individual. By exploring various dimensions of leadership, such as decision-making, team motivation, adaptability, and communication, the test provides insights into how a person leads in different situations. It helps in understanding whether someone's leadership style aligns with the values, goals, and culture of an organization.

The Leadership Style Test can be integrated into the hiring process to enhance the selection criteria for leadership roles. Candidates can be asked to complete the test as part of their application or during the interview phase. The results offer a deeper understanding of their leadership capabilities, preferences, and potential fit within the team or organization. This information can be used alongside interviews, references, and other assessment tools to make informed hiring decisions, ensuring that new hires not only have the required skills but also the leadership qualities that match the company's needs.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Operations Manager, Human Resources Director, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Director, Customer Service Supervisor, Team Leader, Product Manager, Educational Administrator, Healthcare Administrator, Engineering Manager, Financial Controller, IT Director, and Supply Chain Manager.

Transformational, Transactional, Democratic, Autocratic, Servant, andLaissez-faire.

A Leadership Style Test is crucial for several reasons. It helps organizations identify potential leaders who can drive teams towards achieving business objectives, fostering a positive and productive work environment. Understanding an individual's leadership style is also key to predicting how they will handle responsibilities, face challenges, and inspire their team. Additionally, it assists in aligning leadership approaches with organizational goals and culture, promoting effective management and communication within teams. By ensuring a good fit, companies can enhance team dynamics, improve employee satisfaction, and ultimately, achieve better organizational outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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